Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elle MacFearson

So I was on Wategoes Beach the other day, taking photos of the waves coming in over the rocks, enjoying some time to myself away from all the computers people.
After getting a couple of good ones, I wandered back to my car and noticed a rather attractive, bikini-clad woman on the beach strutting around posing for a pro photographer with big L series lenses and so forth. I still had my camera in my hand as the woman noticed me She made an immediate B-line for me, marching up to my car and right into my face. ordering me to show her what photos were on my camera! I was like
"oh, she's interested in what photos ive taken of the surf - Cool!"
but it was the way she went about it that took me aback. I said "hang on, why should I show you? Who are you, i don't have to show you."
She was very adamant about seeing the pictures, trying to claw my camera out of my hands. I let her have it as the photographer wandered over. He said,
"Mate SHOW her the pictures!"
By this stage i was really wondering who the hell I was dealing with. She said to me
"don't you know who I am?!"
i said
"no not really".
The photographer said,
"Mate, this is Elle MacPherson".
To this i said
"ahhhh o....kay, right, and she is trying to steal my camera"
As she cycled through my shots she found that there was absolutley nothing of her on the memory card at all.
I said,
"Are you really Elle MacPherson?"
The photographer said, no mate, she's a lookalike. Its actually Claudia Schiffer.."
She demanded to see my other memory card.
I said
"What is this!"
and the photographer said that lots of paparazzi were hanging around all day trying to get shots of her. I still thought the two of them were bullshitting me about who this woman really was. I went to the boot of my car and got my other memory card and showed her some photos on it form a previous shoot.
By this time they realized that i really didn't think it was Elle and the I was harmless. She introduced herself as Lee and I shook her hand with a nice big smile.
After that, they went to the beach and continued their photo shoot as I looked on.

I ran into a friend later on and mentioned what had happened, still not thinking that it really was Elle that I had a run-in with.
He said to me that Elle actually was in town this week and had been seen in a few places being photographed!


Oh well, she was nice about it in the end and I guess she is just preserving her image.
In hindsight if I had more wits about me I would have asked if i could hold the reflector while they did the rest of thier photoshoot!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Epicenter - An Abstract Documentary

The Epicenter is haunted by ghosts of the many facades this building has had, from whaling station to artists commune to festival site to a derelict burnt down squat. Due to be demolished to make way for new housing, I decided to capture the amazing array of artworks, murals and graf on the walls. In doing so, I opened myself up to some very powerful forces that still make my spine shiver.
So impressed by the cosmic and physical experiences I had whilst taking these photos; the strange mixture of awe and fear is still with me today. Something inside me says that I may have missed the best times of this building but being here now documenting it in my particular style is some consolation.
I have not taken photos the same since this shoot.
See more of these photos on my website -

Pentax wins the EISA top Award!

Many photography enthusiasts have asked me why I always use Pentax instead of Canon or Nikon... My straigtforward reply is

"Most manufacturers make show-pony cameras with all the bells and whistles under the sun but none of it is going to make you a good photographer unless youknow how to use the camera effectively"

Pentax systems are striaghforward and easy to use, leaving the creativity up to the photograper.
It might sound silly but I dont actually know how to use the auto modes on any of my cameras properly. I am at home with full manual control over the exposure, judging light

I have owned three Pentax cameras since in my life My first, at 12yo, was the ME Super with a 50mm lens which I still use to this day. I find the viewfinder very nice to frame shots with and there is a certain feel when the shutter fires. My most exceptional photos have come through years of practice with this particular camera

I also use the Pentax K10D which recently won the recent EISA European Camera of the Year 2007-2008 as voted by the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association.

I like the K10D for its size and weight, it fits comfortably in the hand and is heavy enough to support when using slower shutter speeds. Coupled with the fancy shake reduction facility, low-light photography is a dream! It is especially good for indoor performance photography where light is usually a premium.

I use on occasion a medium format SLR - the mighty Mamiya RB67 Pro. This was the studio camera of choice in times gone by for its solid construction, lens quality and reliability. Made in 1970 and still going today, this alone is a mark of quality craftsmanship.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

3rdEyeFotos is now online!

Welcome to the 3rdEyeFotos Blog! My name is Christian Watts, my friends know me as Christo.

I am a photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point. I perform shoots at various studios and venues throughout the Byron region, in Sydney and Brisbane and have worked for various local and national publications.

My life passion is creating amazing photographic works of art, I practically live and breath photography. When I am not out capturing images, you can find me operating "Giclee" printers at Retrospect Gallery, where I produce fine-art photographic prints for a selection of Australia's leading photographers.

My kit comprises of a Mamiya RB67 medium format SLR for studio shoots, Pentax 35mm and the K10D digital for live performance, landscape and portrait photography.

My unique style is in my innate ability to draw natural, emotional expression from my models and conveying my own emotional expression through the photographic artwork I produce.

Visit my website or email me at